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MAYFIELD HIGH SCHOOL (Membership Application)

Below is a list of all active members of the Mayfield Alumni Association.  All members are listed by class.  You may notice that we are not always notified when a member passes away.  As we learn of someone’s passing, their name will be removed from our membership roster.

If your name does not appear on this list, you are NOT a member of the Mayfield Alumni Association.  To join, click on the “membership application” above, fill it out, and return it to the Association.  We have a $35 lifetime membership fee.  There is no fee for graduates who are 65 or older.  All members receive two newsletters per year in January and July.

We are the only Mayfield Alumni Association.  Please don’t be duped by companies that purport to represent MHS, or its alumni, in any way.  The Mayfield Alumni Site is a for-profit company that attempts to solicit members from all high schools and colleges throughout the nation.  Their spirit wear looks legitimate, but their purpose is to make money. Ask them to produce their federal EIN number the next time you look them up!  We are a non-profit organization with a 501-c-3 classification and we are registered with the State of Ohio.  These companies cannot use the term "Association".