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Class Reunion Services

The Mayfield Alumni Association supports class reunion committees in their effort to provide the best class reunion at the most reasonable cost.  In an effort to make the reunion committee’s job easier, the following services are offered.

 1.  During the planning process:

  • Provide list of classmates from your senior year home addresses

  • Provide copy of our Mayfield Alumni Directory for committee use

  • Provide list of classmates from our computerized membership list

  • Reunion article will be placed in the upcoming Alumni Voice newsletter

  • List of missing classmates listed in upcoming Alumni Voice newsletter

  • Funnel lost classmate’s information requests to reunion committee

  • Provide ongoing consultation for reunion committees

  • Release any class monies left over from your senior year or last reunion

  • Provide teacher addresses if being invited to the reunion

  • Provide past class reunion invitations/materials for your review

 2.  Mailing reunion invitations:

  • MHSAA will reimburse the reunion committee for mailing your reunion invitations, one first class mailing per class.

  • MHSAA asks that you mail our membership form with your invitation.  We will supply the membership forms to you.

3.  At the reunion:

  • Classes may borrow memorabilia from Alumni Museum for registration table

  • Classes may borrow your “class box” from Alumni Museum

  • Provide past Alumni Voice newsletters for attendees to take home

  • Provide Alumni membership forms for attendees to take home

 4.  After the reunion:

  • MHSAA will hold class monies left over from your reunion

  • If you provide it, MHSAA will input your list of classmates in our database

Class Reunion Fund Agreement

Sample Class Reunion Database Format